Thursday, January 24, 2013

You always remember your first...

Prepare yourself for all kinds of ramblings on here over the next few weeks and months.

It's still January so I can get away with posting my re-cap of 2012, just. I was thinking of a TV montage when I wrote this, just in case you think it's a stream of consciousness.   

The Old Lady's toy-boy. Source of truth, now with added beard.

What a football year it's been. So let us recap...

Colour seemed only black and white for a while. LS, PE, JT and AF a fractious foursome. JT was tried, Clattenburg cleared & Mikel mocked.

A principled Fab left Blighty, the FA left the national team in disarray.

‘Arry left court a free man, was quickly an unemployed man. His next move was to Loftus Road. Rosie would be turning in her grave.

The reign in Spain fell mainly on the…rest of Europe. But where was their Olympic spirit?

Barca had a Pep in their step but seemed better without it. Except in Glasgow.

We still don’t know if Lionel Messi can do it on a wet Tuesday night at Stoke. But he probably could.

What a year for acronyms. CFC, AVB, RDM. RVP 2 MUFC? OMG.

City were the comeback kings on a blistering, bemusing, breathtaking, bloody brilliant and Blue final Premier League afternoon.

In Italy, more from the Old Lady though her midfield toy-boy thrilled with flicks and tricks and proved experience is the source of truth.

After 23 years of lies we finally heard the truth.

‘From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light from the shadows shall spring’. Zambia, wonderfully, became kings of Africa for 1st time.

Dortmund comfortable on the German throne, their bitter rivals stunned domestically & on a grander stage too. Their own stage, in fact.

In the city of love, plenty of broken hearts but Montpellier’s title success was unashamedly romantic.

England paid the penalty (again), Germany DID eliminate Greece from the Euro and Platini had some Euro vision. Roll on 2020 but please, no Jedward.

‘When I became a man, I put away childish things’: Corinthians 13:11. Corinthians 2012: Club World Cup and Copa Libertadores Champions. 

Marta, my dear, there’s a young pretender on the prowl. For 2012 was Alex Morgan's year. And there will be plenty more of them.

Friends were lost along the way and some in such tragic circumstances. Piermario Morosini, rest in peace.

Others were lucky. None more so than Fabrice Muamba. An inspiring and incredible story.